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ARS in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
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1. Two of the T-Birds will be kept in airworthy condition for the Museo do Ar, flying on special occasions only.
2. But the greed and the amorality ar not as rampant as the public seems to think.
3. Of these 25 remain well; 13 ar unaccounted for, and one died from colonic cancer.
4. The incidence of pseudomelanosis coli in patients undergoing endoscopy of ar autopsy is reported to be between 1 and 5.9%.
5. Oo ar, Jim me lad, it's cut-and-thrust duelling on board the pirate ship Corky!
5. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
6. Cuts treated commercially with enzymes must b ar labels stating this fact.
7. Over the ye ars, tools and technology themselves as a source of fund ament al innovation h ave largely been ignored by historians and philosophers of science.
8. Stimulation of 2 - ARs promotes PFC neuronal development in culture, such as increasing the dendrite lengths.
9. The acute radiation syndrome (ARS) is hard to be, overcome as the hot medical problem.
10. Active Radar Seeker (ARS) provides accurate and stable velocity information, thus possesses the possibility of gimbaled inertial navigation system (GINS) aiding.
11. Objective To explore psychological problems of patients with acute radiation syndrome (ARS), and to provide evidence for corresponding nursing intervention.
12. Objective To establish an accurate, sensitive, specific and micro-volume method for determination of serum albumin with alizarin red S(ARS).
13. Firstly, a new attributes reduction strategy ( ARS ) is discussed.
14. This is a poem in the tradition of Horace's Ars Poetica.
15. The Web portal also includes a tutorial section with instructions on using and interpreting predictive models and links users directly to the ARS Pathogen Modeling Program and ComBase.
16. Secondly, we have designed cross network graph so as to construct and analyse the DNA restriction physical maps. Examples ars given to show the advantages of the approach.
17. Old Tibet as much more like Europe during the religious ars of the Counterreformation.
18. The rises of WBC, HFR and IRF can reflect marrow recovery after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in ARS.
19. The classify of DSLAM, the protocol architecture and hardware chart of ATM kernel DSLAM and IP kernel DSLAM are introduced based on the design and exploiture of DSLAM, and several DSLAM ars compared.
20. At last, an experimental system to measure acoustic velocity of seawater with the method of ARS is designed.
21. This paper analyzes the latest olefine hydrocarbon separation process-the ARS process, and develops a simulation method for the key equipment of the ARS process dephlegmator.
22. One case ( 2.7 % ) developed local recurrence and 19 cases ( 52.7 % ) had anterior resection syndrome ( ARS ) .
23. A new approach on the design of animal recognition system ( ARS ) is presented in this paper.
24. Surface plasma wave ( SPW ) has been used in the field of bio sensing for recent ars.
25. During Earth s early history, there were w ? ? ars in space for ownership of this planet.
26. There is a difference among genotype in ratio of ARS to WRS.
27. To balance input torque for a heavy machine such as swing fly-she ars, not only inertia torque but also friction and gravity torques need to be considered.
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