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3-dimensional in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2019-05-14Updated:2019-05-14
Similar words: dimensionaltwo-dimensionalone-dimensionalunidimensionaldimensionalitytridimensionalfour-dimensionaldimensional analysisMeaning: adj. involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects; giving the illusion of depth. 
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1. It appears that he did search for 3-dimensional examples but could find none without divisors of zero.
2. Results. In all 4 patients, Iso-C 3-dimensional computer navigation was successful in accurate localization of the osteoid osteomas.
3. Before we reconstruct a 3-dimensional (3D) model of a scene from a set of 2D images, firstly we need to unify the world coordinate system (WCS).
4. We can make a virtual 3-dimensional model of the painting and start to peel off all the layers one by one.
5. Mark Bolas says this system uses a 3-dimensional camera from Microsoft's "Kinect" system.
6. Japanese scientists have created a hologram - or 3-dimensional image - that can be felt, Reuters reported.
7. Besides occupying 3-dimensional space, their "atomic structures" -- that is, the individual components or parts of these types of systems -- are constructed from other physical entities.
8. Based on the 3-dimensional stress cavity expansion model, 7 concrete material models used in SCET were investigated and compared with three series test data.
9. According to the classification of the 3-dimensional solvable RDS type Lie algebra, we constructed a new class of 4-dimensional RDS type Lie algebra.
10. Well, this 3-dimensional camera could quickly determine that my hand is reaching out here, this hand is reaching out there, but in fact, I can reach further with my right hand.
11. Method. Iso-C 3-dimensional intraoperative navigation was used to localize osteoid osteomas of the spine in 4 patients.
12. We can only see a 3-dimensional world, but what if this world has N dimension just like what the math says?
13. Objective. To report on the efficacy of Iso-C 3-dimensional intraoperative spinal navigation in excising osteoid osteomas.
14. Debriefings include digital video, audio and 3-dimensional flight reconstruction.
15. Through this 3-dimensional virtual world, youths around the world will be able to learn more about sport, culture and the Olympic values.
16. Thus a high directional beam in an arbitrary directional position within a 3-dimensional space can be formed to capture a desired signal effectively.
17. Results The accuracy in localization of the epilepsy foci by this 3-dimensional localization system was confirmed by 64-channel electrocorticogram and 8-channel deep electrodes during the operations.
18. Their tutorial also includes the slightly more advanced topics of 3-dimensional matrices and error reporting.
19. Objective: To explore a feasible method and its significance of 3-dimensional reconstruction in nasal cavity and ethmoid sinus.
20. Grigory Perelman is the mountaineer who reached this pinnacle of the 3-dimensional world.
21. Spine and thoracic deformity, right and left lung volumes were measured on reconstructed 3-dimensional computed tomography images and functional residual capacity measured by plethysmography.
21. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
22. AIM: To develop an individual surgical predication system which is economic and utility, special to maxillofacial asymmetric deformities in 3-dimensional measurement and model-making.
23. In this paper, network topologic method is adopted to resolve the distribution of 3-dimensional steady-state temperature field in rotor of single-phase series motor.
24. A key limitation of the picture shown here is that we can only portray the curvature of a 2-dimensional plane of an actual 3-dimensional space!
25. Objective To analyze stress around the impacted tooth by constituting a 3-dimensional finite element model of impacted tooth , consequently offer reference basis for clinic traction treatment.
26. This paper establishes some formulas on orientable closed surfaces in 3-dimensional space forms.
27. The concept of figure-ground employed in the language is basically metaphorical as it is transformed into the one-dimensional language from the 3-dimensional real space.
28. With computer visual technology, the relationship between 2-dimensional computer coordinate and 3-dimensional space coordinate system is built by camera model.
29. Continental is a manufacturer of tyres. You could actually see this in their logo, because the first two letters create a 3-dimensional tyre.
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